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Our world is predicated upon convenience. Anything that is convenient for us is good. Now, imagine a time when we can all surf the internet anywhere we go without necessarily bringing our laptops anymore. Imagine a time when we can just sit in a coffee shop and enjoy the full functionality of our mobile phones when it comes to connecting us to the internet and allowing us to go to each and every website we want to. Sounds great isn’t it? But do you know that for a website to be accessible on your mobile phone, companies have to employ mobile marketing techniques? Bet you did not know that.

The websites you see on your mobile phones were done by Mobile Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) professionals. Mobile SEO professionals handle the process of developing and marketing a website to try and dominate the mobile phone online market.

Before a company starts running a mobile seo campaign in Sydney, the company should first make sure that their website is mobile compliant. If it is, then a mobile SEO campaign can already be started. In mobile phones, however, there are different set of rules to follow. Regular SEO rules cannot be applied in a mobile SEO service because of the limited screen area of the phone in which the information will be displayed.

Rules to Follow when Developing a Website for Mobile Devices

  • Imagine that you are a mobile user and had come across a website that has been poorly done. There are only two things that can happen. You will either abandon the site or you will stay there and wait until your frustration of the site gets the better side of you. As a mobile SEO professional, you should not allow this to happen. Visitors should not be turned off by your site. Make it a point that they will love what they will see by using CSS and XHTML. With CSS and XHTML, you can now put the content wherever you like in the webpage. Make sure that you place the most important information at the top of the site.
  • Remember to give special attention to your site’s navigation because it might not be compatible or accessible anymore using a mobile phone.
  • Notice carefully if the font sizes you specified are correct to make sure that the text won’t be too large and won’t be too small to read.
  • Take advantage of a design that is catchy and pleasing in the eye; make sure that the design can also function well in a mobile phone.
  • Try to keep your content as simple as possible. Visitors should understand your content right away. Do not go for complicated terminologies, it will only make customers or visitors go away.
  • Write short titles that are descriptive enough and not misleading.
  • Be certain that all pages are accessible and easy to scroll through.

All these factors mentioned will lead to an effective mobile SEO campaign. If you live in Sydney, Australia, the best company and you want your website be accessible in mobile phones, then you should seek the help of Rotapix Interactive Media.

Rotapix Interactive Media is an Australian leading provider of online solutions, specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), corporate branding, online marketing, online consulting and Google Analytics.
Rotapix, based in Sydney, Australia, are specialists in development and implementation of website marketing strategies to acquire new clients for businesses. They specialise in making websites deliver qualified sale leads to businesses.
Though there is still a low level of mobile search activity, if you are in the industry of mobile phones, travel, and entertainment then you will greatly benefit if you employ mobile marketing strategies offered by mobile SEO professionals like Rotapix.

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