An Overview of the Importance of Google Plus for Your Business

Google, the search engine ‘Lord’, introduced Google Plus last year in May, with the aim of connecting social media with Google searches. Initially, it faced tough competition with the giants of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However, with time, Google was once again successful in setting its monopoly. Today, Google Plus offers a plethora of benefits. Of course, being the brainchild of Google, it joins the power of Google’s search rankings with social media.

Here are a few major points that determine how important Google Plus is for your online business:

Google Plus is Search Engine Friendly…

Probably the major reason why Google introduced Google Plus was to create a social media platform that is search engine friendly. Previously, we had Facebook and Twitter but since they were not Google’s brands, nobody took the initiative to make them search engine friendly. Now, with the advent of Google Plus, we have a social media platform that makes it easier to locate a business, read what fans say about it, learn about its details and much more.

Google Circles Definitely Help in Marketing…

Google Circles are more or less like Facebook Groups. It is a feature that allows you to locate all your contacts in different groups such as friends, family and work. How does it affect your search engine rankings? Google Circles make it easier for you to define the category of your business website. In other words, you can select whether you want to target professional networks or random networks.

It’s a Google Product!

If you are optimising your website for better search engine rankings then obviously Google’s search engine will be your main priority. Now, you should keep in mind the fact that Google Plus is Google’s own social media platform and its main purpose is to integrate search engine rankings with social media platform.
Remember how Bing integrated Facebook with its search engine results? Even though it did not make much of a difference, it surely gave Google the idea of have its own ambitious project. And now, the search engine lord has come up with a plan.

Google Plus is the Future…

For sure! Google is heavily promoting its social media platform in every possible manner it can. Overall, the major benefit of optimising Google Plus is localisation. You can expect to get more local traffic to increase your business with optimising Google Plus.

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