Best for SEO: Unique Content Ideas

While building unique web contents seems too overrated, it surely attracts the search engines in giving you the kind of rank your site deserves. But what makes a great and unique web content? How do people generate these contents? Though I cannot share everything due to time constraints, I can at least share you some unique strategies that can prove to be valuable in boosting your site’s rank and link worthiness.

Strive to be the News

Since a lot of people read the news, it therefore generates a handful of link attention. Instead of rewriting news, why not generates news that are centered around the main topic of your website. Your website has a great advantage when it comes to ranking if you can manage to write a headline or a news feature from a unique angle. Being the first one to break the news does not make you reach the on the web, but being the source does.

Generate Interesting Data

Do you have access to essential pieces of information that you think will be of huge interest to online users? If so, write about these pieces of information in a way that will draw the people to read it and eventually go to your site. The stronger and compelling your write up is, the more links and attention will come to you.

Restructure Someone else’s Data

If you do not have access to proprietary information that can bring the links and attention you are craving, you may scrape data legally and reword or revise these data in a creative and more effective manner to bring in more links to your site.

Highlight Controversies

By this, I do not mean that you create a controversy involving you and your company. What I am trying to point out is that you host a controversy and take two opposing sides relevant to your niche and let them engage in a judo of words on your blogsite. Highlight their different arguments or viewpoints without necessarily being biased or taking sides. Doing this will make you a media outlet that gets all the links from the attention others are creating for you.

Be the Leader

Do not mind the numerous blogs and sites that are already competing in your space. Instead, strive to become the single best outlet in your area of expertise. Becoming a leader in what you do is not hard, you just have to be determined, creative and resourceful in generating unique ideas that will bring you to the top.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!