Can emotional triggers impact the effectiveness of a landing page optimisation strategy?

Landing page strategy revolves around the page wherein users land intentionally or unintentionally. This strategy can be described as the avenue to enter a website with out directly entering. Therefore, it is important to identify emotional triggers associated on the landing page in order to welcome visitors and of course , persuade them to click.

Emotional triggers define the effectiveness of a landing page by measuring the amount of click conversions.

The relationship between the emotional triggers and the online user provides attributes that determine how  effective the landing page will convert traffic.

It is imperative , to identify emotional triggers and the relationship that exists between the psychology of click and the online user .This merged correlation exists between human cognitive behavioural reasoning and how effective an emotional trigger will impact a landing page conversion. Often too many times we emphasise that a website needs to be cluttered with information, text and images . What we don’t do is further analyse to see if too much clutter and information will enhance or hinder the emotive trigger of the online user.

By emphasising too many items on a web page, we decrease visibility to the online user thus hindering the ability to find key information , which in turn deter the online user from clicking through and making the right decision.

However, we can not solely rely on the emotional trigger as a singular key determinant , we need to acknowledge that people do not often make rational decisions. In fact , we can not access true accuracy as to what emotion or thought process the online user is conveying at the point of time of viewing the landing page.

Furthermore, it is important to note that accurate measurement of the emotional trigger can not be solely attributed by what is being presented on the web page . Factors such as human subjective reasoning need to be considered as a variables that dilutes accurate measurement on the effectiveness of the landing page.

The realisation , is that emotional triggers do impact landing page strategy . Therefore it important to combine both (SEO) search engine optimisation strategies and landing page strayegies to potentially increased visibility in order to convert and sustain the traffic required to your website

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