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Content Marketing

content marketing

As one of the leading content marketing companies, Rotapix can assist your business in its path towards success. Social media marketing, such as tweets and Facebook shares, have become way more effective than traditional methods of advertising. In such a world, the importance of great content marketing has increased manifolds.Our content and viral marketing strategy can help you in a number of ways:

  • Create positive brand awareness
  • Increase engagement with users
  • Increase visibility in search engines
  • Increase sales
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Improve search engine rankings

These are just some of the benefits of our services. Our motto is to create and market content that will address your specific business objective, so that all your goals are met. Our goal-oriented approach to both content creation and marketing has ensured great results. Our experience and passion for our work drives us, and you can be assured that every opportunity to move your business forward will be seized!


During the strategizing phase, we will identify your business objectives, and propose content marketing strategies that will meet your goals, and your customers’ needs. We also devise effective content formats and strategies to meet Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)


During this phase, our experienced content experts will do the necessary research, development, writing and designing, with the goal of creating effective content that will have great positive impact on your business. We will work with your company closely, to make sure that all your requirements are being met.


During the review period, we compare the impact of the content created and released, against the KPI’s and make needed adjustments in the strategy according to the results observed.

Our Process

  1. We will closely work with your company to find out about your objectives, and assess the opportunities currently available to you. After all, we would need to understand your company’s relationships and capabilities in depth, so that we can reflect the same in the content created.
  2. Once the goals have been established, our content creation team will start with the research. The team will look at your specific industry, the themes relating to your field, and the type of content being shared in your field, so that the most effective methods can be used.
  3. After this, the creation period starts. The team will create a solid content platform for your company, populate it with the correct media and content, and then develop a powerful social media presence for you.
  4. Once the content has been developed, we can move to the marketing stage. Based on the research previously conducted, the content will be promoted among influential people and relevant customers within your field- including bloggers, social media pages, other organizations, etc. This will widen the reach of your content, and increase your presence within the sector.
  5. After the first period of marketing is done, the strategy will be evaluated, to find what improvements need to be made, and how the campaign can progress further.

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If you want to know more about our content marketing strategies, just give us a call right away. We’re eager to answer any of your questions, and extend our services to you, and your company.

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