Finding correlation between humanistic online search behaviour and seo strategies

Understanding the correlation between online search behaviour and search engine optimisation (SEO)strategies plays a vital role for the future of SEO.

The difficulty is how this can be measured and what tools do we have to measure such data?

Recent research has shown that internet search interactions never follow a linear search pattern of “search, screen, click and then done”. The reasons for this are that online users develop subjective search retrieval methods when conducting search queries.

Firstly one must understand that humans, when conducting search queries are subjected to develop cognitive search behavioural processes. Measuring this online behaviour from a global perspective is close to impossible due to the fact that there is an element of human subjectivity to every search. Moreso we can not measure every online user conducting a search from a computer mediated communication (CMC) device.

Unfortunately this behavioural process is difficult to isolate given the fact the one is cognitive and the other is algorithmic and that the process of retrieval sequentially happens at the same point of time.

Therefore the correlation between online search behaviour and SEO strategies can not be measured nor can we assume any relationship when implementing an seo strategy.

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