Flash is Now SEO Friendly

Flash is Now SEO Friendly

Designers and developers have stayed away from using Flash since it was considered to be Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) unfriendly. SEO experts could not seem to optimise flash files hence most experts stayed away from it. —Not anymore.Google and Adobe, just recently, partnered to revolutionise search engine crawling algorithms. Google can now read texts on flash files and flash files can now be indexed like web pages. Experts just have to make certain that the text they will put on the flash is purely flash text only. Do not put an image that reads “apple” since search engine robots cannot read it. Keep in mind that all the pieces of information you want to get cached should be in text form only. Pictures and movies in an flv file format still cannot be indexed by search engine bots.

Flash menus are also not a problem anymore but experts have to take note that when it comes to link in flash files, they should be done in exactly the same way as experts do their html pages.

Google Analytics for Flash SEO

This new feature is Google introduced is actually a translation of the present Google Analytics tracking code into an ActionScript 3 programming language which can dramatically simplify abilities to track Flash, Flex, and AS3 content. This advanced Flash tracking code offers all innovative features of the current JavaScript-based version like campaign, pageview, and event tracking. It can utilised to follow Flash content like embedded videos, and distributed widgets like online games.

With the Google Analytics for Flash SEO, content developers can now know how many people have watched their videos and if the creative they are developing really attracts new users or visitors. Thanks to Google, SEO experts and designers can now have a free hand to allow their creativity to keep on flowing. Go ahead and be proud of your creativity because flashy sites are now in!

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