Focus on Design and Content for SEO

If you’re wondering if design and content influences SEO, we’ll tell you right now: it does. By focusing on the design and the content for your website, it is possible to improve your rankings dramatically. The key is to make the search engines perceive your site as a valuable source of information. Professional SEO specialists recognize important aspects in optimization that most people overlook.

Below are some areas that matters to major search engines:
On-Site Factors
To determine the value of a website, search engines use “quality indicators”. These indicators will tell the search engines whether your website has friendly design and produces solid content. A good SEO design will place the content at the top of the website’s source code, minimize coding when content is highlighted, and make use of CSS and HTML tags.
Off-Site Factors
On the internet, one factor that determines a site’s authority is the number of websites that link back to it. If your site contains interesting content and good design, then it will attract links. It is also important to create “link bait” articles. These are basically just articles that contain a list of resources for related topics.
Design and Content Improves Branding
The design of your website will be associated with your brand. It can be a good tool for brand building and the opportunity should not be wasted. In the increasingly competitive market, internet users have also become picky when it comes to the sites they patronize. Memorable design and useful content: these are the two ingredients that can help you stand out from the rest.
Appealing Design Lowers Bounce Rate
Although most people are not aware of it, the search engines actually monitor the bounce rate. It enables them to determine how visitors interact with your site and whether it is useful for not. If a lot of visitors leave your site a few moments after arriving, you have a problem. The search engines take this statistic seriously because a high bounce rate is a sign that visitors are not happy with the results page.
Having a strong web presence opens up a lot of opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of them. So when it comes to web design and content, it is important not to scrimp. Investing on your website is a worthwhile endeavour. It can help your brand build and sustain its momentum over the long term.

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