Four Steps for Integrating PPC with SEO Effectively

Today, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has become the main priority for online companies. Therefore, they spend a fortune to make sure they have the right Search Engine Optimization companies alongside the best team for PPC. Some companies even go the extra mile and hire separate agencies or team for both the jobs. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with the whole idea of spending whatever you feel like to make sure your business succeeds. However, problems can arise when there is a lack of communication between your PPC team and your SEO team. So, if you really want to make sure your strategy works, you must ensure that the following factors are going in the right direction:

Factor # 1: Your Main Keyword List:

Remember, even though SEO campaigns are carried out in a different manner than PPC campaigns, the core of both is the same and that ‘keywords’. Both of them these campaigns will heavily rely on your keyword list and you must make sure you have a list of keywords that describes your products or services to their best. The list can go long but don’t worry about that now. We have covered that in step 2. For now, just create a list of keywords that describes every inch of your business regardless of how long it is.

Factor # 2: Scrutinize the list:

Since now you have your grand list of keywords, it is time for you to decide which ones are more relevant or important to focus on and which ones are avoidable or can be kept for later. Now, what you can do here is to use well-known and recommended keyword tools such as Google Adwords or others that are free to use and can give you authentic information on which keywords to use. Here is the key to success: choose the best keyword from the list and find related ones by going through the search volume estimates the tool will show you. In simple words, these keywords will be the most searched ones. So, once you are through that, you can go through your list and see how good your other keywords are. At times, you might find out other better keywords for the ones you have included in your list. It is better to go with what the tool suggests you, since that is based on how search engine users are searching for products and that is exactly what you are targeting.

Step 3: Time to shoot your PPC Campaigns!

You should always kick start your PPC campaign before starting your SEO campaign because a PPC is easier and takes less time. You will just need your keyword list, ad copy and the cash you are pooling in to get it started. Your ads will start appearing after two or three days. The key here is to first start your PPC campaign and then observe which keywords are getting you more results.

Step 4: Time for some Optimization!

Now, here is the thing – once you have run your PPC campaign you will know exactly which keywords are bringing more results. You will have to use the AdWords tool to see which keywords have more CTR and conversion rate. Remember, keywords that are giving you results in your PPC campaign will be the same keywords to give your results in your optimization campaign as well. Since in an optimization campaign you will be on the mercy of search engines, you will need to know which keywords you should focus on more. And, that my friend you can only know after running your PPC campaign. Here are a few more tricks to go by:

-Keep keywords that are expensive to buy for PPC for your optimization campaigns.
-Keep keywords that have low conversion ratio on PPC for your optimization campaign, however you still should
focus more on the ones that are getting you results.
-Use keywords that are difficult to target on PPC due to the big fishes that are out there for your
optimization campaign.

Remember, don’t make the mistake of ‘trying your luck’ when it comes to seo and PPC. Millions of websites are out there that are being updated regularly making the competition tougher and tougher as days go by

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