Google BERT Algorithm Latest Update for better Search Results

Google announced the BERT Algorithm based changes in search engine results last week, which is a significant, update past years for their RANKBRAIN Algorithm release in 2015.

The names BERT came from the chocolate factory with rolled it out as BERT, which is a short form of “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.” The Algorithm is an AI language based search algorithm, which makes a better understanding of Netizens queries on search engine.

Do we really understand the changes coming in Google algorithm on such a frequent basis and why?

Google do certain changes in search algorithms to match the frequently changing behaviour of end users on internet. Therefore, this language based BERT algorithm model is totally based on sequences in data, making them ideal for dealing with multiple user language. And this BERT update will also mark as the first latest Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) chips to serve search results.

For Example, below shown pictures that what previous Google search and new BERT powered algorithm search looks like when your query is: 2019 brazil traveller to USA needs a visa”.

BERT Algorithm Google

The result before BERT algorithm in the left screen shows the results understanding the query as a US travellers heading to Brazil. Whereas, in right side results are as per the new Google Search Algorithm using BERT, which understands the query correctly in more relevant manner and give search results for a Brazilian traveller going to USA.

Hence, BERT algorithm shows a slight difference with major effects in searches with more relevant and appropriate results. Google also ensures that this update will last for long period of time for more conversational search queries which interpret the full sentence in native language manner as compare to previous method of reading the sequence of keywords for giving search results.

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