Google Caffeine : The Next-Generation Search Engine

As you probably already know, Microsoft recently launched their new innovative search engine, Bing. Microsoft’s Bing is conceptualized as a user-friendly search engine that provides results organized into different subcategories. It is expected that Bing will soon power Yahoo’s organic search engine. With this development, Google needs to do something to maintain their market share. Google Caffeine is the test version of the search engine and it is being described as the “next generation of search”.

Google Caffeine is still currently undergoing some testing. It is a complete rewrite of Google’s indexing system (the system that builds the database of all websites with meta tags). It should be noted that this effort is not designed to change the way the index is used.

As Google’s Matt Cutts said, “Caffeine is a fundamental re-architecting of how our indexing system works.” While it is more significant than a revamp, it can still be described as a rewrite. Users can expect more flexibility, faster results, and larger database.

How Does Google Caffeine Work?

Matt Cutts revealed that the company’s new infrastructure is an overhaul of the firm’s customized Google File System. Informally, Google calls this file system redux as the GFS2. When Cutts was asked if the GFS2 will also be used to improve MapReduce and BigTable, he declined to comment. But he did say that Google is testing multiple platforms with Caffeine. These can be utilized across their entire online infrastructure, in addition to the search engine.

There is no doubt that the new-generation search infrastructure will affect most, if not all, of Google’s online applications for many years to come. Cutt has also hinted that Google might include novel platforms which will eventually be introduced. It will unit all of Google’s online applications.

Does Google Caffeine Have New Philosophies in Determining Search Results?

Matt Cutts is known as the PageRank guru who oversees the elimination of spam on Google, the world’s most popular search engine. So when he said there is a project to build“next-generation architecture for Google web search”, many assumed that the search-ranking concepts of Google will be changed. But this is doesn’t seem to be the case because Cutts pointed out that their strategy is mainly focused on upgrading the software behind the famous search engine.

How Can Google Caffeine Be Improved?

So many are wondering, what are the fundamental differences between the current versions of Google to “Google Caffeine”? A number of people say that Caffeine is a lot faster compared to the older version. In addition, it is more capable of producing real time results. But more than that, users can expect a lot of exciting changes in the search industry.

Google is still seeking further improvement on Caffeine. It seeks to receive honest feedback from search engine experts and other users familiar with its system. By letting the general public try out the new version of the search engine, Google is able to use real searchers as their reviewers. The public is typically Google’s best critics and loopholes will be revealed and addressed accordingly.

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