Google + Circle is probably the most talked-about social network of today. According to the company, the network has more than 10 million users. It also has a free iPhone app with the same functionalities as the desktop version. The Google+ allows users to manage Circle, which allows users to sort people according to their shared interest. They can also manage Stream, an app that manages the ever-increasing number of photos, updates, and images in the network.

Many users have dubbed it as the “Facebook killer”. While that remains to be seen at this point, there is no doubt that the new social site has unique selling points that make it appealing to many. It is different because it seeks to understand how people relate to their “friends” and how close they really are to each connection. The amount of content that is shared within the network can then be controlled according to the relationship. This is one step further than allowing all “friends” in your social network access the content on your account.

So does Google really have what it takes to get “social”? The company has dabbled in some social media initiatives in the past. However, services like “Google Buzz” have fallen flat on its face because it is closely tied to Gmail. The company’s Gmail users felt that their privacy was being infringed. Despite these setbacks, it is clear that the Google has enough understanding of human search behaviour and interaction to launch other highly successful services.
Now, the question, “what are you going to do about it?” It would definitely be a good idea to catch the Google+ Circle wave while it’s cresting. Like any other services, entering the market early on is a lot easier and cheaper than trying to carve a space after it hits its peak. Every other company would become your competitor at that point.
Many firms can benefit from promoting their brands, products, or services in Google+ Circle. Like Facebook, it is different but it shows the same level of potential. If you implement creative ways to get noticed by its core users, your investments will reap the benefits later. Given all these, it is not surprising that small businesses, medium-scale enterprises, and large corporations are all trying to win a space in the Circle network. You should take a step forward and invest time and effort into getting noticed through the site as well.