Google Plus for Business: Changing the Way We Do Business

Google continues to dominate the online arena and they are changing the way companies do business with the recent introduction of Google Plus for Business. People are starting to realize the magnitude of what this latest development means for businesses. Being able to set up your own brands, creating and defining your companies identify and being able to reach more visitors than your company had ever thought possible before.
Let’s take a look at some of the figures. Did you know that currently has a reach of over 1 billion unique visitors per month? Google is currently ranked number 1 amongst all of the websites in the entire world.

Highly Targeted Marketing

Google Plus is the platform that is preparing to set itself apart as the social platform of the modern day user. Google Plus for business has recently introduced what is known as Direct Connect. Direct connect is a search function that allows you to see the company name, logo, and description when you run a search result for a particular item. What you are then able to do at this point is add that company into your circle.
With this type of reach it is easy to see why businesses are growing excited about the possibilities for targeting. With this new system in place you will be able to target by demographic, location and more. Since you have different circles you can easily send targeted information to your different circles. This means you are focusing the advertising specifically for the particular circle of people you are looking for reach within your network.

Sleek Webpage Design

Google has always placed a high value on having a sleek and clean design. One that set itself apart from the other search engines that always seemed cluttered and unorganized. Google Plus is taking the same design concept and applying it to their pages as well. Since the design is clean, and uncluttered it is easy to navigate through their pages.
The comment threads only show a few lines at a time. Since it is easy to use and easy to navigate, more and more users are finding themselves drawn to the ease and simplicity of the design. While it has not been a perfect launch as there are a few remaining bugs that need to be ironed out it has been an overall successful launch and it is clear to see why more and more businesses are looking to Google Plus for their marketing needs.

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