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The introduction of the Google Search by Voice application comes as no surprising. It is the result of decades-long efforts to enable computers to understand human speech. Google developers made this feature more sophisticated for the Apple iPhone and other mobile devices.

The Google Search by Voice application enables users to quickly search the internet by speaking the search query. It is a simple to use application that can be done by following the four steps below:

• Launching the Google Mobile App
• Holding down the call button
• Speaking the search query when the “Speak Now” alert appears
• Releasing the call button

After speaking the search term, the result of that search will immediately be displayed. For users who want to search the web for another search term, just hold down the call button again and repeat the process. It is also possible to enter the new search query on the keyboard if it is more comfortable for the searcher.

This feature can literally enable iPhone users to get answers to any question under the sun. From questions like “Where is the nearest McDonalds?” to “How old is the Terracotta Army?” users will find that speaking their search query on their phone is effective and gives accurate results. Human speech is converted into a digital file which is received by the Google servers. Then, the server will determine the words and pass it on to the Google search engine.

Search results can be displayed within a few seconds, depending on the wireless network being used. The fact that certain mobile phone, such as the iPhone, can identify a user’s location is also helpful.
It can provide local information that is relevant to the searcher.
Aside from Google, other tech companies including Microsoft and Yahoo are also offering voice services for mobile phones. For example, Microsoft’s Tellme service offers data in specific categories like movies, maps, and directions. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s oneSearch is a very flexible application but it currently isn’t as accurate as Google’s.

The capability to recognize words and phrases from any person has been the goal of many artificial intelligence (AI) researchers for many years. The interaction offered by Google Search by Voice is a realisation of this objective. However, despite all its capabilities and benefits, the Google system isn’t perfect. In fact, some queries can receive gibberish results. Google executives declined to comment on how often their system gets it right but they noted that it was accurate enough to be useful for busy individuals who don’t want to tap out their queries on their mobiles.

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