Google Video Ranking by Voice Recognition

With the launch of Google’s voice recognition software, it’s no longer necessary to insert targeted keywords into the video’s description, meta tags, or perhaps even titles.

Google will do all the work for you. Working with your hands and fingers is fast becoming a thing of the past, at least for website owners and search engine optimisation experts. The popularity of the new Google voice recognition software comes as no surprise. This is because as technology advances, so does the level of desires and expectations of consumers.

Voice recognition is becoming a phenomenon that is widely accepted online and off. Just look at the features available at personal digital assistants and mobile phones today. In fact, even customer service contact centers allow callers to just state their identification numbers instead of typing it on the pad. In addition, a lot of higher-end cars now have voice recognition capabilities that will allow drivers to control the features of the vehicle and ask for directions. It is very likely that these voice-related advancements will gain wide acceptance in the near future. This is the environment where Google operates at. The company has clearly showed their intention to invest and innovate on this area. Google’s voice recognition tool for video search allows you to enter a search query in text. And then it will find videos where the text is mentioned in speech. Aside from videos, this tool also works for television clips, MP3, and other type of audios. Take note that all these processes occur very fast, indicating the sophistication used for this technology. In addition, Google will place markers in the video’s timeline to show where exactly the words occur.

Google’s video ranking with its voice recognition software has a lot if implications for the search engine optimisation industry. YouTube, for example, will be more powerful than ever. Everyone will scramble to upload videos on the site to attain high rankings and get more visitors. The relevancy of the search results also becomes more relevant making it easy for searchers to find what they’re looking for.
Similar to a lot of new technologies though, the new Google voice recognition software isn’t foolproof. Even the company itself pointed it out. They indicated that “While some of the transcript snippets you see may not be 100% accurate, we hope that you’ll find the product useful for most purposes. Speech recognition is a difficult problem that hasn’t been completely solved, but we’re constantly working to refine our algorithms and improve the accuracy and relevance of these transcribed results.”

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