Google’s New Tool: Insights for Search

Known for its trends and useful tools, Google once again made noise when it launched a spin-off product called “Google Insights for Search”. Special for its flexibility and functionality, advertisers and marketers can take advantage of this tool to understand search behavior as well as integrate cool new features like a world heat map that can be used to graphically display search volume and regional interest.According to New York Times, Google is giving everyone the opportunity to peek deeper into its database of search requests and discover the things that preoccupy  individuals, including cities, states and nations at any given time. Reports said that the collection of search queries several people type into Google is called a “database of intentions” since it serves as a small window that shows the interests of people and what they are interested in purchasing.

As compared to Google Trends, Google Insights for Search enables anyone to analyze results in greater details than Trends does. Simply type in your search term to see the different patterns of search volumes displayed together with the related and rising searches. With Google Insights for Search, advertisers will be more confident regarding the effectivity of their online ad campaign.

Google Insights for Search allows advertisers and marketers to evaluate search volume trends across multiple search verticals, geographic regions, or specific time ranges.

In a given example, Google Insights for Search used the term Apple and generated results that mostly pertain to the brand Apple. But if you happen to be a fruit business trader, then the brand Apple will be irrelevant to what you are looking for. You can now narrow down your search by the Food and Drink category that will result in a different view of search volume trends and searches regarding Apple, the fruit.So far, since Google Insights for Search is still very much new, everyone is still evaluating its usefulness. But based on several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals feedbacks like that of Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Land, Google has long been giving free tools to help marketers but not the tools that will teach marketers how to market and do things effectively.

“It gives you much better insights in terms of what’s happening on a geographic basis, potentially allowing advertisers to target geographically,” said Danny Sullivan. Google has long given marketers the ability to target ads geographically, but not the tools to learn how to do it most effectively,” he added.

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