Have to meet Google Analytics 4 or not yet? – A New Vision of Website Analytics

The new Google Analytics 4 has so many new add-on features including AI-powered insights, tracks users across all devices, and automatically fetches all matrices from all devices, like – desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

New AI-powered insights are more accurate and in-depth from updated reporting and enhanced features that will come in time.

Deeper audience insights and powerful features

The 4 main features available in new Google Analytics are:

  1. Smarter insights based on machine learning to identify the latest trends as per Google Results.
  2. Deeper integration with Google Ads and insights
  3. Detailed Customer behavior data
  4. More Data Control

There will be no view section while setting up a new Analytics account. As shown in the above image for reference.

Google Analytics 4 contains new links in the left side navigator, which includes real-time reporting as before along with acquisition and conversions. The other navigation links are new but link to similar reporting as before.

Get proper customer acquisition data by setting new data streaming under the property section.


Read more about new features of GA4, at Google Support

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