How effective is your SEO Strategy ?

Designing a website for a new business can be much easier than developing its SEO strategy. After all, no person venturing into a business will have a clue about SEO and its utility. A business owner will usually spend time in thinking of supply and demand, capital, sales etc. A business owner will usually leave activities like developing a website, designing it and then optimising it for search engines (SEO) to the experts. This could be a useful ploy because SEO Sydney companies can leverage their experience and skills on optimising your site. This will ensure that while you bring people in to your brick and mortar store, the SEO Sydney company can do likewise for your website.

However, as a business owner, you would not entrust the décor of your physical store to outsiders. Therefore, your neglect of your website could prove to be your undoing in the future. As a business owner, you do not need to be an expert in social SEO or SEO gimmickry. However, a little background on social SEO and SEO strategies could be very useful. Consider, for example, how you would select one SEO Sydney company from say ten others if all make the same claims about giving you the best SEO rankings.

You need to know just four aspects of SEO. These comprise of:

Accessibility to search engines: Your website needs to get a good SEO ranking. This will only come about if search engines can access your site. Therefore, submit your sitemap to Google. Create a menu on your site, which displays all your web pages. Check utility tools like Webmaster Tools to rectify any errors of incorrect pages etc. Ensure that no page on your site has no content or even worse, duplicate content. Target keywords: Reflect on the keywords for your business. Imagine what customers would need to type in if they searched for your business online. Your content must utilise these keywords.

Website design and features: Your website needs to be simple, effective and easy to use. This will draw repeated visits to your site. Further, keep uploading fresh content pertaining to your business. This will go down well with your visitors and the search engines. Get links leading to your website via press releases, guest blogging, unique backlinks etc.

Use Social Media Tools: You could even call this social SEO. Place Facebook like, Google +1 and Tweet buttons on your website. Search engine algorithms use these to calculate SEO rankings. Besides, having these buttons will drive traffic to your site.

At Rotapix Interactive, we have worked with numerous businesses to optimise their websites. This has made us a reliable partner when it comes to online advertising and marketing. We work from Australia, but our reputations transcends international boundaries. Our prime objective remains that we replicate this for all our clients – in the online world. SEO enables us to make this a reality.

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