How important SEO is for your business during COVID – 19?

The COVID-19 pandemic was declared as a global pandemic by the WHO and spreading rapidly across the globe causing majorly harm and losses to small businesses.  The business sale has also been affected by the COVID-19. The people may be avoiding public places and some others may be affected by COVID-19 or may be self-isolated. These panic situations will lead to a crisis in every field of business. Consider the fact that most of the people will be spending time at home, due to self-isolation or fear of the pandemic. So the visual media like TV, mobile and many mobile applications can do a lot for you. Identify some online opportunities Spend more attention to online media like SEO, YouTube, Facebook Marketing and other online platforms, especially social media applications and platforms, etc. People will be following the new feeds through an online medium during these days.

Find below the major search engine marketing efforts during these Pandemic times.

  1. Search Engine Marketing – The only marketing technique that produces a better ROI than search engine marketing is an opt-in email list. Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
  2. Content Marketing – Content Marketing is a strategy by which you can bring traffic to your site with the content quality it exhibits. It aims at providing valuable information in an explanatory way to the visitors. All you need to check is that every piece of your content should be excellent, enough that customers are compelled to read and rely on it.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – Google Searches are playing a vital role in this time and giving support to businesses to grow and earn. Hence, SEO has an important role in this time of the Global Pandemic.


How do various industries get Support from Rotapix Interactive Media during Pandemic like Coronavirus?

Most of the industries got a major disruption due to these pandemic situations.  Some of the main industries which are: Electronics, fashion, restaurants, entertainment, service providers, etc. Hence We at Rotapix are all set to support with best of all our services of Digital Marketing, like SEO, SEM, Google AdWords,   Content Marketing, etc.

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