How to prepare a website for Google Page Experience Update?

Google has announced the roll out of new algorithm update about Google Page Experience in August 2021 end.

Page experience is always considered important for SEO aspects for any website and for optimising conversions. As we all know, in May 2021 it is important to check websites structures as per the Google Page Experience algorithm update. Although it was first talked about in May 2020, when the world of SEO has been in a heightened state of alerts, in anticipation of what is expected to cause significant fluctuations in SERP rankings.

What is Google Page Experience Algorithm?

As we said, user experience has always been important.

But it’s also been overlooked, with other areas that promised bigger wins and faster gains favored time and again.

However, Google has finally made it clear that websites that neglect user experience will find it more difficult to achieve good organic visibility.

To measure and establish a holistic picture of page experience, Google has created the Core Web Vitals metrics. These, together with other existing user experience signals, will make up the so-called “page experience signal”.

Google Core Web Vitals for Page Experience

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – The time it takes to render the main content that is visible within the viewport. Google recommends a maximum of 2.5 seconds.

First Input Delay (FID) – The time it takes from a user’s first interaction with the page to the time the browser can respond. Google recommends anything below 100 milliseconds.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – Quantities visual stability (layout shifts) to ensure smooth interactions with the page. A good CLS score is 0.1 or less.

How to prepare your website for Google Page Experience 2021?

Google is known for being cagey with its algorithm updates. But, in this case, it hasn’t left webmasters and SEOs in the dark about how to measure and address the several areas that impact page performance.

In fact, soon after the Core Web Vitals announcement, Google incorporated relevant measuring capabilities for different existing tools.

  1. Google Search Console – It will show the core vital report, which provides real time data help diagnose issues across different ages.
  2. Lighthouse – The latest version of this website auditing tool will introduce the LCP, CLS and TBT, which are lab implementations of core web vitals.
  3. Page Speed Insights – Not only showing page speed check report, but it also uses Lighthouse 6.0 lab data to enrich the report.

Once you understand the scope of improvements in your website by using above mention tools from Google. You strongly improve the user experience of your website as per Google new algorithm update. Stay tuned to know more latest updates for your website SEO with us at

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