How to Promote Your Business Using Twitter ?

Have you been Twittering? The blue bird has landed on the Internet. Appearing so small and innocent, the same blue bird can disseminate information faster than most social networking sites

Twitter is actually a social networking site. Although there isn’t any recent study about it, it can be said that Twitter’s appeal may have come from its originality. Aside from “networking friends” Twitter is also a micro-blogging site.

So what’s with the Twitter mania?

Well, much of the love for Twitter comes from its unique way of linking people. Gone are the days when you have to type all the way in order to share your day. With Twitter, you can just type a sentence or a phrase if you wish, whenever and wherever you feel like doing so.

Having status updates is the main theme behind Twitter. You could just edit and re-edit your Twitter status as you like. People would know of your status once they opted to “follow” your updates. Follow means that they will be able to read your status messages. And that is where the fun starts.

Want to use Twitter to promote your business?

Yes, it’s a micro-blogging/social networking site. And yes, it can help you generate income! You can promote your business with Twitter by, of course, signing up on the site. No need to worry since the Twitter service is absolutely free.

Once you sign up, you will be asked to make a list of your website. Promote your business with Twitter by including your business’ website on that list. Your Twitter friends (or anyone, if you choose to go public) will see the links you’ve provided thus giving you the chance to increase web hits (page visits).

Making Money From Twitter

To further promote your business with Twitter you have to take the time to craft compelling, if not intriguing and witty, status updates. One example could be, get my (your product name) for free. Of course, you could only promote the ‘free’ part if you really plan to giveaway stuff in exchange for something, say $100 worth of purchase.

Increase your publicity to effectively promote your business with Twitter by linking an article to your Twitter account profile. To summarize what your business has to offer, create a web article that will provide such information on a free web page such as a blog. Remember that the article must not be too hard-sell. People get tired of sales talk easily. As much as possible, do not boast about what your products or services can provide. Instead, talk about the benefits of the products or services you provide.

You should also take advantage of the site’s networking features. First, “follow” the people you know. After that, “follow” the people they know. And you will find that there is an endless journey to Twitter’s links. While doing this, take the time to craft nice status updates and being friendly with people’s status messages. Of course you should also take in mind your business’ target market. For example, if you’re up selling baby stuff, then don’t “follow” kids’ Twitter accounts. They aren’t your target market so you’ll just waste your time.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!