How to Use Social Media Data to Improve Paid Search Campaigns

The key to success lies in knowing the needs of the customer and catering to the needs with perfection. Effective use of social media data provides a blueprint to shape the best marketing strategy to promote a product or to generate new leads. There are many tools available to measure the KPI (Key Performance Indicator). The tools help in improving paid search campaigns by shaping the advertisement as per the need of the customer. Good tracking software helps to identify the areas which bring in a better return on your advertising efforts. What you actually pay per click is highly impacted by the click through rate. Use of correct keywords improves your click through rate, thus bringing more traffic to your website and improving quality, reliability and trust. Provide a clear call to action along with a buy button, an active shopping cart, an order form, or phone contact for getting your lead or a sale.

Social media data gathered from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube provides an edge over your peers. The data shows geographical specific demands, trends and needs which in turn provides you with an idea as to how to meet the specific needs of the customer. As discussed earlier, there are many tools available which augments your effort to gather the most effective social media data. Use of Site Analytics tools like Google Analytics shows your market effectiveness and increases the conversion rates. It generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website, tracks landing page quality and the conversion rate of your goals. Social Media Monitoring provides extremely detailed data of the demographics of your social media following and even what people are saying about your competition. The Likes on Facebook shows the trend followed and the user needs. Twitter comments shows what people feel about a product. Data mining tools digs through the world surrounding your product or website and identifies potential new markets.

‘Knowledge is Power’, in today’s world of cut throat competition and social media data is indispensable for a successful Paid Search Campaign. A sniper bullet is always more effective than a shot gun burst. Knowing the social trend, need and demands of the customer helps a lot in improving the approach of any paid search campaign. The ROI gets a boost and success is guaranteed. Start gathering social media data and learn to listen, interpret and make decisions based on what it says through the statistics.

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