Importance of QR Codes and Mobile Websites to Enhance Mobile Marketing

“Those funny looking black and white blocks are actually revolutionizing the world of mobile marketing. So, you really need to understand what they are and how they have changed the world around you.
Mobile marketing, as we all know, has acquired an eminent position in today’s marketing environment. It has become probably one of the most important, cost effective and competent means of sending your advertising message through. From social media websites to e-commerce website, every major web entity is ensuring inviolable presence for the most leading mobile platforms.
Two of the most prominent aspects of mobile marketing of our generation are QR codes and mobile websites. Many have already used them to their utmost to grab the gold they offer while some are still on the way to understand how and why they are exactly used. So, instead of dragging it too far, we’ll keep this newsletter sweet, simple and specific.
QR Codes and their functions…
Simply put, QR (Quick Response) codes are more or less similar to barcodes that you see being used at shops and stores by retailers. However, the way QR codes work is a bit different than standard barcodes. To read QR codes, a smartphone with a camera and a barcode reader is required. These codes are only activated when they are read or scanned by a mobile device. As technical as it sounds, you would be surprised to know that there are numerous QR code reading applications out there for iPhone and Android for free. The game is simple; when you scan a QR code you can connect to a plethora of content resources including but not limited to emails, World Wide Web, videos and IM.
Using QR Codes…
There are many myths surrounding the usage of QR codes and whether they should be used or not. Well, there are actually a couple of different logical answers to such myths but to keep it simple and short, here a few points:
• QR codes are free and easy to generate which means you won’t be spending much time on your mobile marketing campaign if you are including the usage of QR codes as an important aspect.
• It makes it easier for users to link to your content by just performing a simple scan.
• Last and most importantly, most QR codes come with built-in analytics which makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your users and your campaign’s progress.
Mobile Websites…
A recent survey revealed that by 2014 most of the internet content will be accessed through mobile phones. Unfortunately, many web entrepreneurs are still unaware of how important it is to create a mobile website version of their currently existing web entity. It’s true that a standard website can be accessed through mobile phones too, but there is a major difference that needs to be realized here. Accessing a mobile website via mobile phone and accessing a standard website are two different things. With mobile websites, users get websites that are created specifically for a particular mobile platform keeping in mind its individual requirements, whereas a standard website will either work on a platform or it won’t. At times, a standard website can be sluggish as well to access from a cell phone.
Here are a few points explaining the importance of mobile websites for a mobile marketing campaign:
• Easy to launch from the user’s end requiring lesser resources and time.
• Easily viewable with content optimized for that very platform.
• Easy to go through since the pages and the content will be in accordance with the platform’s requirements.
In other words, mobile websites are not just important, they are mandatory for every mobile marketing campaign. Without a mobile website, you rarely stand a chance to attract viewers to your website.
To Conclude…
Believe it or not, mobile websites and QR codes are two essentials of mobile marketing today. Those who are already using these two mediums are well aware of the benefits they can provide. At the end, convenience for your users is what counts the most. The easier you make it for your users to access your website, the better it will be for your business.

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