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When we see the word search engine Optimizsation (SEO), the first thing that comes to mind is top SERP results. But despite the efforts of many webmasters, only a few of them manage to reach their objective.

SEO is not an easy concept to understand or to practice. It involves various factors including keyword research, on-page and off-page Optimizsation, directory submission, and even article marketing.
Search engine Optimizsation in essence is the process of improving the visibility of the page by making it compatible and friendly with the most widely used directories and search engines on the web to improve the rank of the site. The idea behind using Optimizsation techniques is to get top placement because your site is “relevant” to a particular search term.
But with the huge number of companies vying to attain top rankings for “in-demand” searches, many small businesses have been pushed down. It is a good thing that most have become enterprising enough to target their locality. With this strategy, you can ensure that the site is indexed in the correct geographic location. In local SEOs, a popular tactic employed is the use of multiple URLs.
Although local SEO caters to a smaller set of target audiences, it works great because these small groups of people actually have a higher probability of becoming customers as opposed to a wider audience who managed to visit the site because of accident or sheer luck. Let’s put a very simple example to make you understand the importance of targeting specific audiences. Say someone hits “Carpet cleaning services” he would get a number of results in the results pages displaying him the national best carpet cleaning companies. But what if the user hits “Carpet cleaning services Warminster” instead of the regular general keyword carpet cleaning?
Once the online user hits the search tab with the place this becomes a local search and the chances of your website being opted as relevant choice by the SEO is more. This proves that even if the national agencies had a branch of theirs in your city you could clearly get an edge over them and get displayed over them.
This is the whole point of local SEO, and it is done by the interlinking of multiple urls for each geo to create a network that can easily be visible online. The key to enhancing your strategy is by linking it to other local sites like government sites, business directories, contact pages and other businesses within the area to link to. This will have a dramatic impact on where the site is indexed and undoubtedly improve the position of the site.
The main point of utilizing local SEO is to improve conversion instead of merely increasing visitor traffic. It should also be noted though that localization must work in hand in hand with the concept of globalization. The internet presents a lot of opportunity and there are certain tactics that enables web owners to benefit both from local and global searches.

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