In Which Situations Does Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Yield the Best Results?

While PPC advertising can be cost effective, you cannot hope to pin your entire hopes on it. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you use different online-marketing mediums for promoting your business. The bid amounts for paid listings could rise from time to time. This could make PPC advertising very expensive – especially for many small businesses. However, PPC advertising could be ideal for:

  • Campaign and Issue-based Traffic: These short-term campaigns are ideal for creating a buzz around new products and services or special issues. You could start these campaigns within 24-48 hours and modify the text to adjust your message.
  • Direct Response Businesses: If your website enables customers to purchase your offerings the moment they land on it, then PPC advertising is perfect for you
  • Niche Businesses: PPC advertising could be useful when you want to generate traffic for highly specific keywords. For instance, bidding for ‘cars’ could be expensive. In contrast, bidding for ‘ABC cars’ might be a lot cheaper.

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