Keyword Rich Domains

It’s no secret that Google favors domain names that contain the keywords that searchers type in on the search engine. Given this fact, it comes as no surprise that countless internet marketers hoard keyword rich domains. If your domain name is an exact match, or a very close match, to the phrases typed in, it is almost certain that the site will land somewhere on the first few pages of the search engine results page (SERP), if not on top.

After online marketers get hold of these domains, they usually implement one of the three tactics below:

301 Redirection Basically, you buy a lot of keyword rich domains that already has a lot of links and then you use HTTP 301 redirect to get all that traffic to your main website. Internet marketers call these the link juice. But before you implement this tactic, take note that the search engines are already one step ahead of you.If search engines suspect that you bought a domain for 301 redirection purposes, they will either place your website on the sandbox. Worse, they may penalise the main website. 301 redirection can do more harm than good if it is implemented for unethical reasons.

Content-Rich Doorway Pages

This is another favorite tactic among internet marketers. In essence, keyword-rich domains are used to link to the main website. The idea is that the doorway domains should rank highly on the search engines and their traffic will be used to direct visitors to the company website.Some marketers prefer to make it obvious that the two domains are under the same company. If you decide to implement this tactic, thread slowly and carefully. The site can end up in the sandbox if this strategy is abused. In some instances, certain marketers decide to put “reviews” into the keyword-rich domains recommending the main website. This is a highly unethical tactic. If search engines become suspicious about your strategy, expect to be penalised.

Moving Existing Websites into the Keyword Rich Domain

While this strategy can be rewarding over the long-term when done correctly, the implementation itself presents a lot of risks. It is possible for your site to get sandbox. To avoid this, execute the strategy over several months. Put light content on the newly acquired websites and watch the SERP ranking. If the website is still performing well, you can move then move all other pages from the old website except the home page.

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