Landing Page Optimisation Tips

Landing page optimization is the technique by which any given web page is specifically refined to attain a particular objective, including but not limited to, the sale of a product or service, a newsletter sign up or a sales lead. The whole concept integrates elements of content, design and usability. The most important of these is the content because coming up with a persuasive copy can spell the difference between a conversion and someone deserting your site. It has been proven in a number of landing page competitions that the page with a persuasive and well written copy prevails over the one with an impeccable design. A good piece of writing attracts the attention of people and they typically start reading a copy that is unique and builds their interest. You have to learn about the various elements of online persuasion for you to be able to write well-optimized copy for any landing page, marketing any form of product or service.

You may be wondering why a persuasive copy edges a flawless design. The answer is quite simple, most people just ignore the design and start reading what interests them. It is important for the design to look sleek and professional but its primary goal is to keep your visitor’s attention glued to the content of your site. Remember that it is the content that sells, and the design is simply meant to support it. Another thing to bear in mind is that your site or landing page has to relate to your visitor’s needs, otherwise they’ll quickly be clicking away from your page. In general, try to avoid driving your visitors to your default home page which has no relation to the pay-per-clicks or pay ads. It may be a slap on the face, but the truth is, your visitors aren’t interested about your business’ history or whatever it is that you are trying to tell them. What they care about is the reason they link or visited your site in the first place. Simply put, bring them directly to what they want and what interests them.

You have to know that a website, regardless of its scale, once indexed on the major search engines is a feasible landing page. In case you are just beginning to understand the entire concept then you have to understand that there are two types of landing pages – the transactional landing page and the reference landing page. A transaction landing page entices visitors to make a transaction by filling in a form while a reference landing page provides information that is relevant to the visitor. Both types can ask visitors to provide their contact details and add them to the mailing list. This will surely help you to gather the leads.

Once you’ve built a landing page, you have to constantly test it in order to continually optimize it for better results. For beginners, a simple A/B testing is sufficient, but for the more advanced, you can check out multivariate testing. Finally, it would be prudent to insert a Thank You Page after your visitors have completed the required action. Don’t undermine the opportunity to thank your visitors for their time and first touch point.

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