I have been using Rotapix for my SEO for about 18 months, and then got them to redesign my website.

Compared to other SEO outfits which I have used, I have found that Victor at Rotapix works consistently behind the scenes every week to drive quality traffic to my site – so bounce rates stay low ( < 30% ) and there is a constant stream of new visitors to the site, helping to grow my brand. And I really do rank on the first page of google for my main key words! Rotapix advised me to get my website responsive for the new Google algorithms. After doing some research, I decided to switch to WordPress and then began my search for a reputable web design company. I had done my own website with iWeb previously, so I had quite an extensive wish list of widgets and features that needed to be incorporated. After a lot of quotations, procrastination and soul searching, I decided to trust Rotapix with the web design as well. What I really appreciated about their approach was that they were willing to work to my timetable – so when I was really busy at work, there was no strict deadline pressure to make decisions. Also, Michael was really patient with me, providing good design advise when it really counted and also allowing me to change my mind when I felt that things need to be different (and then sometimes to change it all over again!). All up, my service experience with Rotapix for both SEO and Web design has been very pleasant and fulfilling – this is what service in the IT industry should be like!