Many Benefits of Android for Android Application Development and IOS Apple Development for Iphone and Ipads

Both Apple and Android have become the leading technologies in mobile phone industry. With more and more users pitching in everyday, the need for better and more advanced applications is always on the rise. From a business perspective, both the platforms have given entrepreneurs the opportunity to touch base with their customers in a more interactive and creative way. Even the simplest application can be a tool to promote your business or to be your business itself. Unlike previous platforms, both Apple IOS and Android come with numerous advantages, giving developers and entrepreneurs the chance of creating and distributing their applications faster and more effectively than it was back in the day. Some of the combined benefits of developing applications for both the platforms are as follows:

Little to no hindrances…
First and the foremost, both of these platforms have made it possible for application developers to develop and distribute applications free. Cost that businesses take up includes paying to the developers, testing of the product and market research. In particular, there is no cost of developing an application for the platform itself. Both the platforms offer free of cost application development and distribution. If you know how to develop an application yourself then you might as well do it yourself and save your funds.

Easy Distribution…
While iPhone offers free distribution facility to its developers, Android offers a variety of mechanisms. Developers can distribute their android applications through Google’s Android Market and several other platforms that allow them to do so. However, not necessarily every web entity will allow free of cost distribution, but it surely will be a widespread one. As for Apple application developers, Apple’s App Store is the only place where they can sell authentic Apple applications to a global market of Apple users.

Product branding at its best…
What makes these applications and both these platforms so unique is the fact that they offer a plethora of opportunities to businesses in order to spread the word regarding their products. Over the years, many businesses have already reaped the benefits of product branding through Apple’s IOS application development. Now, since Android has invaded the scenario, things have become even better. A simple, creative application can have a viral effect on your consumers, compelling them to move towards your product in a much more effective way than what brochures and banners could do.One platform can touch a generation of users…
The internet is a medium that can touch the global population with just one web entity. Both the platforms allow business marketing and branding on a global level, and there is no limitation to it. Even an Apple user from Antarctica can download an Apple application from the store without any hindrances. In other words, businesses have the luxury of conferring with a global population of users at a fairly lower cost than that of traditional marketing measures.

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