Mobile App development – Few Quick Facts about App Development

Mobile App development is definitely one of the fastest growing markets in the last few years. Mobility is critical for both customers and employees. Everyone is aware that mobile apps open new business opportunities, however one needs to be innovative and competitive in the mobile app development society.

One of the most popular target platform for Mobile App development is Windows, followed by Android and Apple iPhone/iPad. The use of HTML5 is growing with each passing year and more than 60% developers involved in Mobile App development rely on HTML5 and hybrid development platforms. The most common HTML5 features used are CSS3 styling, animations, local storage, HTML5 video and the canvas drawing API.

Mobile App development supports different device types which includes Windows, Android, iPad, MacOS and iPhone. Most of the developers target mobile and desktop devices with hardly 20% developers targeting mobile devices, while 30% target only desktops. The momentum for native mobile technology is on a slide.

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