The Importance of Mobile Apps Development

Once upon a time, there existed fixed line phones and desktops or personal computers. The former was the best way to contact anyone  from friends and relatives to colleagues and other formal contacts. The latter offered a neat way to work without having to engage in a lot of physical activity. Processing files and writing business documents and letters became a lot easier on the computer as compared to the archaic typewriter. With the continual progress made in the field of science and technology, change was just a matter of time. Sure enough, mobile phones replaced fixed lines as the most popular mode of communication. Laptops replaced the bulky desktops as an easier alternative to work on the go.

Both should ideally have continued on their own paths of evolution. However, that is where the fairy tale ended. The internet appeared on the horizon and revolutionised the world of communication forever. In doing so, it also made the paths of mobile phones and laptops converge. So much so, that people use their smartphones to access the internet more than they use laptops or desktops.

The Mobile Advantage: The Increasing Significance of Mobile Apps

Flurry Analytics is the industry standard in mobile analytics today. Their insights about the usage and performance of mobile phones – as also the target audience using these phones, provides the inputs for over 125,000 developers. Flurry analysed mobile phone usage data from January to March 2014. They found that:

  • The average consumer spends about two hours and 42 minutes on a mobile device each day (up from two hours and 38 minutes in March 2013)
  • The time the average consumer spent on accessing the mobile web consumed just 22 minutes per day (or 14 percent of the total time spent on a mobile device)
  • This continued the trend of decline for mobile web access with a drop of six percent since 2013
  • The average consumer spent the remaining two hours and 19 minutes on using mobile apps (an increase of six percent since 2013)
  • Gaming apps contributed to 32 percent of the time spent on mobile apps, with social and messaging apps (at 28 percent), entertainment apps and utilitarian apps (at eight percent each) bringing up the rear

These numbers show that mobile apps are clearly calling all the shots when it comes to how people are using their mobile phones.

How You Could Benefit from Mobile App Development for Your Business

Whether you’re a software firm developing mobile apps for youngsters or a business enterprise looking to reach your perpetually busy clients, the only way you can stay in touch with your target audience is through mobile apps. As the number of smartphone users increases, mobile apps offer you the convenience of being with your clients, at their convenience.

Smartphones have lesser primary memory, smaller screen resolutions, lower disk space and lower processing speeds. Therefore, not many people would use their smartphones to access mobile websites or sites with responsive website design. In most cases, they would run out of patience. Even a slight difference of 30 seconds taken by a process to complete, could send your customers elsewhere. By developing mobile apps however, you could:

  • Customise layouts that carry your brand through all process lifecycles
  • Streamline business processes by eliminating unnecessary clicks
  • Optimise user experience by reducing processing times and offering real time support and,
  • Increase conversions by being accessible at any time and any place

Mobile apps only load the required information for executing a specific process. Thus, their layouts and functionality eliminate all the excess baggage of mobile and desktop websites. Naturally, this reduces processing times significantly. It also makes the entire process more user-friendly and convenient. Mobile apps also provide other benefits like:

  • Providing easy access to your inventory
  • Sending notifications to your clients about special events, new product or service launches etc. and,
  • Seamless and prompt appointment scheduling, including quick access to online support or contact details

Thus, by developing mobile apps for your business, you could reach out to many more customers. This would help you promote your brand by highlighting your products and services. It could also provide you with an additional avenue for generating revenue. By developing an effective marketing strategy, you could even partner with other similar companies. This would help you benefit from their success and vice versa.

Rotapix Interactive Media – Australia’s Premier SEO and Mobile Marketing Company

A successful mobile app offers portability with utility. However, for an app to capture the attention of the user, it needs to be:

  • Distinctive
  • Compatible with various mobile platforms
  • Quick and,
  • Convenient

At Rotapix, you get a team of experienced mobile app developers. This team of professionals could give your business the impetus it needs.

Whether you need mobile app development for business, entertainment, educational or gaming purposes, we can deliver. We are committed to wowing you with our expertise in the domain. From brainstorming to bewitching your clients, we could give you the mobile app that works for your business. Call us at 1300 799 616 for further information.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!