Mobile SEO Could See Shift from Google to Bing

Google’s dominance in the search engine industry may be threatened, especially in mobile search. It was reported that Apple and Microsoft are looking into modifying the iPhone’s default search engine from Google to Bing. As the iPhone dominates the smart phone industry, this change will have a big impact on user behavior. If they get accustomed to using Bing for local search results, Google will lose out even if the Nexus 1 (Google’s answer to the iPhone) catches up to the popularity the Apple gadget.

Falling Out Between Google and Apple

According to BusinessWeek, the talks between Apple and Microsoft have been around for weeks. In essence, Microsoft is seen as leverage on the part of Apple in its feud against Google. Competition between the two has been particularly intense ever since Google introduced the Android operating system and the Nexus 1 Smartphone. These recent developments threatened the position of Apple in these respective markets.In technology circles, it is rumored that Google may incur a huge financial loss if the rumored shift is made. It should be noted though that not everyone believes that this will be the case. Bing is more appealing for the iPhone compared to Google. The search engine giant must have expected the said action and is confident that the Android will be able to compete effectively with Bing when in the mobile industry. Whatever the case, it cannot be denied that Google will suffer over the short term if and when Apple changes its default search engine to Bing. The effects will especially be felt in the United Kingdom and the United States where iPhone dominates the market. Mobile search statistics will reveal just how much the internet giant is affected. Over the long term though, Google might easily recover if it attracts enough customers to buy its Nexus 1 smart phone.

What It Means for Your Website

If these changes are made, everyone that owns a website will literally need to take Bing seriously if the want to penetrate the mobile market. To do this, it is important to implement a mobile SEO strategy that is specifically suited for the Bing search engine. Finding a Bing expert might be a challenge. Up until now, SEO for other search engines were an afterthought rather than a deliberate strategy because of Google’s dominance. The rumored partnership between Apple and Microsoft might change all that.

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