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Climbing up the SEO rankings can be difficult to achieve on a consistent basis. Staying at the top can be even more difficult. The arrival of the internet led a spurt in the number of business owners having websites. Initially, accessing the internet presented its own set of challenges. The connectivity issues, the speed and other teething problems did not endear many people to the internet. As it became more popular, businesses quickly understood the power of this latest marketing platform.

Mastering the strategies of the internet took some time and skill. Initially, search engines relied on the presence of keywords to rank websites. Therefore, the more keywords you stuffed your website with, the higher its SEO rank would be. Realising this, the search engines changed their algorithm. Content and a specific percent of keywords became the next criteria. As business marketers latched on to ways to incorporate this, backlinks and other techniques became a part of the algorithm. Social SEO has become the latest means of acquiring a higher SEO ranking.

You could term social SEO as being a natural evolution of the SEO process. You could also say that social SEO incorporates the utility of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Social SEO, however, incorporates many features into one.

Social SEO works on the basis that interaction arising from social media links can measure or gauge the popularity of a website. Further, social SEO also takes into account the number of times users on the internet share business-specific content. Therefore, if you need to score highly on social SEO, you would need to move from working on content and backlinking, to sharing your online content with users. For example, you create and distribute an infographic about your business. The more people share your infographic, the better your SEO ranking will be. This illustrates how smartly online content, social media skills, marketing strategies and closer contact between businesses and their customers has fused to become social SEO.

We, at Rotapix Interactive, have kept ourselves abreast of all the modifications to the search engine’s algorithms. We believe that our vigilance can enable us to be faster off the blocks than others. This translates into quicker development of strategies to help your business gain a competitive edge over others. That remains our mission in the ever-changing world of SEO.

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