Nexus One and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Techies around the world are familiar with the Google-HTC Nexus One by now. Even before its formal launch, Google has already provided a number of samples to its employees and a select group of individuals. This serves to build the suspense and increase anticipation among gadget lovers everywhere. Beyond its features though, a topic that is less discussed is how Nexus One will affect the search engine optimisation industry.

Growth of Mobile SEO

The growth of the mobile industry is undeniable. Based on recent research, it was even noted that most people in the developed world today cannot leave home without it. Meanwhile, the number of smartphone owners has increased by around 72%, quarter to quarter, in Q1. The signs are obvious: for web owners, now is the time to invest in mobile SEO.

In previous years, the iPhone is the gadget that experienced one of the biggest growths in the smart phone industry. While it might retain its throne in the next year, Google’s Nexus One is bound to pose a serious threat to its market leadership.

Problems in Searching on the Go

Despite the clear potential of mobile web, conducting a search using smart phones is still problematic. According to the Nielsen Norman Group (July, 2009), users are 35 percent less satisfied with the search results when they use their mobile devices compared to using PCs. Online marketers have their tasks cut out for them. Making mobile search results relevant should be top priority.

The principles that apply to desktop search engine optimisation may not hold true for Nexus One users though. This is because search behaviors are different between the two groups. Desktop users are generally more patient because they have time. Mobile users surf the web when they are busy and they need quick answers.

Nexus One: Glimpsing the Future of Search

The fact that Google entered the smart phone market points to the fact it has a big future. Many believe that the company didn’t just enter this industry just to make money from hardware sales but also to cement its hold in the mobile search market. Search engine optimisation experts need to find out the intricacies of mobile search to rank high in both the iPhone and Nexus One.

Google’s knowledge of the search behavior of users combined with advances in speech recognition presents a whole new range of opportunities for internet marketers and website owners. Nexus One is just one indication of the things to come.

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