Online Reputation Management Tips

On any given day, people all over the web may be talking about your brand, products, and even employees. Is the buzz surrounding your company positive or negative? Inevitably, there will be a mix of both if you’re a renowned name in the industry. Online reputation management (ORM) helps keep the balance healthy. It is not about completely eliminating truthful criticism but rather, it is about protecting your brand from malevolent attacks.

Misinformation can come from a variety of sources including disgruntled staff, envious competitors, or unsatisfied customers. In the case of the customer, try to find out whether his complaints have basis. If his concerns have already been addressed and he persists in spreading lies, it is important to take action. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to build a strong brand. Don’t let your hard work come to naught because of a few malicious individuals.

In today’s highly interconnected environment, a brand can be destroyed by a single popular blogger. Lies can spread like wildfire on the web. By consulting with online reputation management expert, you can prevent this scenario from happening to you. ORM consultants know exactly what to track and how to react whenever something negative gets associated with your name.

Among the things that are tracked include:
• Official name of the company and its popular name/variations
• All applicable names associated with the products and services offered
• Names of key executives and personnel
• Industry information in general

How to deal with user-generated content

User-generated content is very powerful because of it is easy to spread virally. In addition, most people trust social media including blogs and forums than they do company websites. If you want to deal with certain information found on these sites, it is first important to investigate the facts before taking action. For example, if there is a basis for the complaints, explain how you rectified the issue instead of issuing an outright denial.

Meanwhile, if it is a false rumour courtesy of the competitor, contact the site owner and request for the content to be taken down. There are also other tips you can do to deal with this situation. For example, rallying fans and followers to defend your company is an effective way to reestablish your stature.
Don’t fall into the trap of creating multiple personas because this can become apparent based on the writing style, reasons cited, and frequency of posting. This can damage your reputation further. When you’re in doubt, ask an ORM expert for advice.

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