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Twitter can be a highly effective free internet marketing tool if you know how to use it properly. You can promote your business using Twitter as it is now the ‘hottest property’ on the Internet. However, many business owners are mystified by its growing popularity and how to use it to their advantage. Majority of online entrepreneurs believe that they should be using Twitter, but they are discouraged since they don’t understand the platform and how to use it in order to establish Web exposure.

If you intend to promote your business using Twitter, you have to optimize your profile. It is important that you make your profile eye-catching, otherwise people will simply bypass you and forget about you. If you’re promoting your business, it’s imperative that you post a profile picture up there. It is also advisable to get a custom background image to endow your profile that chic and sleek look. Just make sure that the background makes it look like you’re a serious Twitter user. The next step is to add a link to your Web page, but avoid using a generic bio because posting other interesting information can act as conversation starters with potential clients.

Twitter is the perfect tool for linking and this is the real value for promoting your business. You can use Twitter to point people to content on your website, blogs or articles that you have written on or off your website, or a service that you want to market. More importantly, Google indexes Twitter which means your page can appear in organic search results. It is therefore crucial that your bio is carefully thought out and well written. In case you maintain a blog or website, you can attract new followers by posting your TwitterFeed onto your web pages. In order to successfully promote your business using Twitter, you have to play with it until you become adept with its intricacies.

So how do you get followers? Here is the key – in most cases, people who you follow will eventually choose to follow you too! This is how you can build up your Twitter base. As you get along, you will be able to determine your ‘Twitter voice’ and then work on the type of Twitter presence you want for your business by gradually refining your content style to match your business perspective. As you constantly refine your presence, you will accrue a significant number of followers.

For most people who use Twitter to promote their business, the platform is a precious tool that allows them to communicate with their customers. This one-on-one exchange allows a business owner to keep track of customer concerns and interests. Twitter is also a great way to venture into social networking to try out new ideas and to request for user feedback. For instance, if you have rolled out a new script, you can ask your Twitter followers to give feedback about a certain feature, or you can offer a link to the beta version for testing.

In general, how you promote your business using Twitter depends on your specific business needs. Again, the best thing to do is to use Twitter yourself to understand the platform and then build your own Twitter network to market your business while having fun at the same time.

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