Rotapix: Online Video Campaign

Nowadays, one of the known trends on e-commerce is to put and utilise videos on your site to present how a product will be used and to point out its strongest features as well as encourage more and more affirmation or testimonials.

Going back to the recent past, one will notice that video did not gain enough pulling power since it was mostly ignored by search engine spiders. But since we all know that search engine algorithms are constantly changing, the rules had already been reversed and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for video can now be welcomed.

Google now incorporates videos to its search results, combining it well with blogs, news, maps, and other vertical search contents. Another main factor that enhances video trend is broadband growth resulting to advertisers and marketers to make use of video-based advertisements through YouTube, and other video streaming sites that are being visited and viewed by hundred of millions of people worldwide.

Google and SEO for Video

Because Google now welcomes videos on its search results, it is important that videos be optimized correctly so Google can effectively index and classify it. As of now, Google encourages text-based contents, and only Google Videos and YouTube videos for video contents. Since Google only entertains its videos and YouTube videos and Vidz , competition for now is light, thus making it possible to score easy effective SEO results. Once your videos are put into search engines, it is critical that you place a link back to your own site for more traffic and more Return On Investment (ROI) for SEO. Keep in mind that if visitors do not click your link, you won’t get more business.
Online videos are powerful efficient marketing tools primarily because of its “viewability” factor and SEO measurement values. In order for your company to be successful in an online video campaign, important steps need to be considered and be taken. First, make sure that the video content is interesting and that it should bring out emotional response with viewers. Second, SEO is important for your videos so make sure that you place your videos on sites where millions and millions of people worldwide can see it. Third, make certain that you create a catchy thumbnail that will make your videos distinct from other videos. Finally, utilize different online communities and strive to create followings that will increase your ROI.

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