Search engine optimisation for mobile content?

The ever-growing world of search engine optimisation has entered a new realm with emerging mobile phone applications. The drive to push mobile search results onto mobile browsers has created a need for search engine optimisation for mobile content!

The need for businesses to address this new medium is important as online user will require targeted search results when they are mobile.

In order to really optimise your site for mobile users, the first step is to ensure your website is mobile compliant. What does that mean? It means that your pages are formatted for mobile cell phone users.
Mobile users are limited with time and screen space so your pages should be created to cater to these users. If you are unsure of what your site looks like when converted to the mobile web platform, perform a mobile search for your site and check it out. You will notice that much of your graphics, layout, bells and whistles are simply disabled, turned off and unavailable; when looking at your site through the eyes of a mobile platform, ask yourself a few questions:

1. Is the information most important to your site at the top?
2. Is your navigation still available?
3. Are the font sizes correct?
4. Does your page visibly look good?

If these answers are no, you are not ready for this newly emerging technology.

When optimising your website for mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile devices you must think about the amount of space available on the users screen. In a addition you must consider your content to be short and relevant. Your titles must be short and note that your pages are able to be scrolled through easily. These are the most basic, simple strategies that will give you an understanding on how to understand the principles of search engine optimisation for mobile content.

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