The correlation between content and search engine crawl ability in search engines

Leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing use spiders or crawlers to find pages for their search results. The content of a webpage holds great importance in ensuring better crawl ability and hence improved ranking. Duplicate content doesn’t help the purpose of a website; hence search engine crawlers avoid them. The best approach is to provide a SEO friendly content which can easily attract visitors and hence ensure high ranking for the website. In short, the content needs to be unique, exceptional and professional. Several search engine crawlers translate a flash animation as a blank space; hence the web designer should take proper care while designing the website. As a standard, a website should contain at least two-hundred words of keyword dense content. The impact of the keywords on your content on search engine spiders is maximized if the keywords used also match with the titles of your web pages.

A search engine friendly content essentially helps to ensure that the search engine spiders are able to recognize a particular page as relevant for a particular keyword where in the SEO articles help to bring inbound links to that page. In order to earn the maximum mileage out of your content, create links throughout the content using keywords as the anchor text. While using Images as link, use alt tag and name the image with a keyword so as to make sense to the search engine crawlers.

A site offering frequently updated content always gains more visitors because the information is fresh and unique. A well researched content serves its purpose of being searched and hence the search engine crawlers bring it up the list. The design of the website shouldn’t be too flashy or over done with scripts and graphics that makes the loading of the page slow because it adversely affects the search engine crawlers. A higher rank in the search results of Google, Yahoo or Bing wont guarantee continued success if the content is not helpful. The rank will only fetch visitors, after that the content takes over. If the content can fulfil the purpose it earns a permanent slot and the visitor will continuously visit the webpage to look for updated content, thus ensuring a persistent growth.

Use of social networking sites and backlinks to the content makes it impossible for the search engine crawlers to miss the webpage. The goal of a good SEO content writing service is to impart information to potential customers and raise their interest enough to prompt the click through to one’s website. For the search engines, JavaScript is a bump in the crawling process. It’s always better to go with HTML. Frames are great, but search engines may have a difficult time getting through to the code you want indexed. Google and some of the other search engines can handle simple dynamic URLs and hence a complex one doesn’t impress the search engine crawlers. In a nutshell, the correlation between content and search engine crawl ability in search engines can never be ignored and hence effort should be made to provide a SEO friendly content.

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