The Future of SEO!

Can Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) be considered as an exact science? The answer is No. Search Engine Optimisation cannot be considered an exact science because the techniques used in promoting websites or web pages are always evolving as search engines continue to refine their algorithms to get more accurate and better results while fighting spam. In an effort to understand search engines algorithms secrets, Marketers and Engine Developers engage in a cat and mouse game, both struggling to outsmart each other by seeking to exploit loopholes in algorithms.

Since the real problem stemmed from the proliferation of websites that used unethical means of boosting their ranks like Keyword stuffing and link building, newer techniques and methodologies are being developed to prevent unethical issues concerning website promotions. The cumulative effect of SEO black hat method made the crawlers more advanced and more alert as technology formulates new standards for ranking. SEO experts who may have once utilised black hat techniques now have to be more careful in their approach or they might fall prey to engine spam filters which can ban their client’s websites from engines, no longer appearing in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The growth of internet is attributed to both academics and businesses that have joined forced to produce a place where everything should be fair and supposedly clean. If SEO experts continue to exploit and take for granted the SEO guidelines issued by search engines, then search engines will always make fundamental changes that will promote an efficient, affordable transmission and reception of information worldwide similar to what happened in November 2003 when Google made fundamental changes to erase dishonest and unethical rankings, leading to the accommodation of new and honest page rankings.

A brighter future awaits SEO if only SEO experts will continue to consider usability and conversions when coming up with search engine marketing campaigns. Furthermore, SEO has a chance of surviving if it will constantly adapt and respond to the quest of a more reliable and relevant search results made possible by a search engine Optimisation anchored on guidelines set by different search engines. If only SEO experts will do this then the internet will be a much better place to secure pieces of information and reliable data.

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