The Golden Rule of SEO: Content = Rankings!

Maintaining websites and increasing their visibility using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires many methods and strategies to be used and implemented, one of them including the golden rule of SEO.  These strategies are often completed on the back-end of the website organically to increase the visibility and rankings of the websites. Websites that organically have increased their rankings means that various strategies have been implemented to increase their ranking on multiple search engines.  Websites on the other hand, which haven’t been organically marketed, have actually paid google ads to increase their rankings through search results. This will be noticeable in Google’s search engine when a website will be shown under the ‘Sponsored’ field or the ‘Ad’ field.

SEO specialists however focus on one thing, ensuring the content of the website is relevant, unique, high quality, and consists of tags. If the content on a website is not relevant to your business, you will have lost your rankings in the SEO market out there which means customers won’t actually be able to find your website as easily as you think, but they may be able to find your competitors easily.

This can be done through the use of ‘keywords’. Keywords may sound like something insignificant in the world of SEO, however, it actually plays a major role in making your page visibility high. Sufficient use of relevant keywords can boost your ranking higher than your competitors and here at Rotapix, we analyze and focus on ensuring the keywords for your website are relevant and will increase your rankings and website traffic organically.

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