The Importance of Gaining Facebook Likes To Help Grow Your Social Media Branding

Social media has become a powerful phenomenon today for online marketing. Some popular social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, offer a plethora of opportunities to web entrepreneurs to create brand awareness within their target market. Unlike traditional marketing means, social media marketing has made it possible to reach potential customers through informed sources. Among all, Facebook is probably the most effective and popular platform, since it offers more than one way of marketing your products. Unlike Twitter, on Facebook you are not restricted to just 150 characters to market your product. In fact, you can create pages, form groups and even individually market your product by sending email messages to potential clients.

One important tool Facebook has offered to web entrepreneurs is its ‘Like’ option. In one way, this ‘Like’ option gives birth to a viral marketing campaign, that if works well, can be a never-ending one. From one person to another, it moves on and on. When a person likes your product page or your wall post, he or she will like it, telling his or her friends that the product is good. Unlike other marketing means even on Facebook, this ‘Like’ option makes it possible for others to know that Mr. A precisely ‘likes’ your product. It compels others to go through it too and if they like it as well, their friends will go through it too.
Therefore, even though it sounds a bit immature, the whole concept of people ‘Liking’ your page or product is very viral. To make it simple for you, here are a few pointers that explain how important it is for people to ‘Like’ your page:
Builds Trust:
When Mr. A ‘Likes’ a product page, his listed friends would get notifications of it. Now, Mr. A’s friends will be curious to know as to what the product is all about. In addition, since Mr. A likes it, they would be compelled to check it out. In other words, without even making an effort, Mr. A will actually give out a positive review of your product by just clicking that ‘Like’ tab.
Instant Feedback:
Having a thousand fans is not as good as having a thousand fans who like your products. On Facebook, users have to like your page to know about your product. Even better, they can like your individual wall posts to give let you know if they like it or not. If you come with a new product, you can post it on your wall and check how many fans would like it. This is an effective way of gauging your brand’s worth.
A Never-ending Story:
As said before, Facebook ‘Likes’ makes your campaign a never ending one. When a person likes your page, his friends will be notified and then his friends and so on. It keeps going on and there is no stoppage to it. If you create a compelling product page or a compelling wall message, then you can expect it to go viral within no time.
In addition to all of the above, it should be noted here that like all marketing means, even with Facebook your message needs to catchy and effective. Users will only like your message or product page if they find it attractive and useful. Once your message goes on a spree of ‘Like’ there is no stopping

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