The Importance of Having a Mobile Website to Capitalise On Mobile Traffic and Conversions

Today, there are more than 1 million mobile phone users around the globe, with most of them being smartphone users. It is becoming more and more important everyday for businesses to launch mobile websites in order to capitalise on mobile traffic. Users no longer want to wait for hours for a website to load, which is usually the case with web entities that are not optimised for mobile phones. In such scenarios, your competition will beat you with a better, faster and more easy to browse mobile website. Therefore, for every web entrepreneur out there, there is a dire need to create a mobile website to ensure mobile users are offered with the best.

Capitalising on Mobile Traffic:

With the advancement in technology, users want services faster. Today, they have all the tools to get information regarding a particular service or the service itself within minutes. They can simply use their smartphones to browse the internet and land their desired website. Mobile traffic is on the rise, more than ever. Moreover, users through mobile phones are more likely to order a product or service through a website than those browsing through their computers.

A recent study conducted on the potential business mobile phone internet users can provide concluded that 60% of them don’t just browse, they do buy products and services online. Mobile traffic is potential and can easily convert into customers only if it meets the right end.

Converting Mobile Traffic:

Converting mobile traffic is a little tricky as compared to computer users. First off, mobile users usually don’t use search engines. Instead, they hop onto the url the trust or know of. Hence, it becomes imperative to ensure your mobile web presence is good enough to give your users an enthralling experience the moment they land on your website. On an average, most mobile phone users stay on a website for 3 seconds. In these three seconds, users will determine if your website is good enough to visit again or not, so you need to play your cards well.

Importance of Having a Mobile Website:

Having a mobile website is more or less like optimising your website for search engines. When you know users will find you through the search engines, you make sure your website is ranked well. Similarly, if you want users to find you through their cell phones, you have to give them an optimised version of your website. Moreover, having a mobile website helps you in ranking better on mobile search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Opera and Safari. Without a mobile website, you cannot expect your web presence to have good ratings in search engine results.
In a nutshell, with the ever increasing number of internet users, it is mandatory for every online business to provide users with the best possible options. If you want to stay in the game, you have to make sure you are the best. With a mobile website, you will be able to offer your visitors the opportunity of visiting your web presence through their mobile phones, with ease.

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