The Importance of Local Search SEO Strategies

It is time to get start about your local search SEO strategy. It can give a high return on your investment and enable you to improve conversion rate with minimal effort. When the term “local search” is mentioned, most people would associate this concept with different things. For some companies, it is about geo-targeting. For others, it is creating a unique offer for each market and promoting these pages to those audiences. Local Search SEO Strategies plays an important role in your business.

Where should you stand on this? Before we discuss further though, it is important to realize that the campaign you choose can have a significant impact on your bottom line. The amount of hits you generate from specific markets can make you a leader in that niche.

Importance of Having a Local Search Strategy

For search engines, the World Wide Web is global but they know that the searchers themselves prefer to keep things local. That’s why Canadian companies that use the .ca extension can expect to be given priority in the local search results page (SERP). The same is true for Britain’s extension. But what about companies that prefer to use the standard .com domain? Well, the search engines use complex algorithms to be fair to all players.

There are a lot of local factors that the search engines will look into as well. This includes the hosting provider you choose, the Whois registry, and the Google Webmaster Tools (Country Selection). The search engines also crawls your website itself for information. For example, the contact us page will determine can be used as the basis to know whether you’re local or not. And although it is rather difficult to control, the country where your links are most connected to will also be taken into consideration.

Ways to Strengthen Your Local Search SEO Strategy

Set Up Geographic-Specific Web Pages Using Sub-domains – large websites usually provide this option especially if they cater to different markets. Take the example of airline websites, you can choose from a variety of country option, depending on where you’re located. Your website can rank well on different countries in some search engines. The downside to this is its cost. It is expensive for small business to implement this tactic.

Create New Websites for Each Geographic Location – for most businesses, this is the best way to rank in local results. Try to get all your brand’s country-specific domain extension and start optimising it. This strategy is doable and it should not be complicated, provided that you already have a system in place.

The last strategy is to concentrate more on your efforts to optimise the main .com website. Websites that are popular and powerful enough will rank well in any country for certain keywords. Of course, a lot of investments in SEO and promotions need to be made for you to reach this status.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!