The Importance of Page Rank on a Video Sharing Site

If you’ve dabbled in internet marketing in one form or another, then you’ve inevitably have heard about Page Rank (PR). The PR algorithm is a key component for Google’s search engine ranking. To understand how PR can work for a video site, it is first critical to establish what Page Rank really is.

Google has created an algorithm that establishes how websites will be ranked in the search engine results page. Although, the calculations are undeniably sophisticated, keep in mind that it comes down to this:

Relevance + Page Rank = Search Engine Ranking Relevance is the measure of how your web pages matches the search terms entered by the user. Factors including the page title, meta tags, and body texts plays a role in the website’s relevance. Basically, Google determines what your site is “about” by crawling its content and by looking at the sites linking to yours. It uses these findings to find out the exact relevance of your website for the user’s search phrase.

The Page Rank does not rely in specific search phrases. It is an independent metric of Google’s calculation of your web page’s authority, quality, and creditability. In addition, if you and a competing website have the same “relevance” the search, the PR of the page will determine who will get a better ranking. This is one of the main reasons why PR is very important for a video sharing website.

How Page Rank is Calculated

Although there have been many debates about how Page Rank is actually calculated, one thing that cannot be argued is that PR is mainly established by the amount of web pages that are linking in to the page. This is because Google likens inbound links to a “vote of confidence”. However, it is important to take note that not all links are considered equal. For example, web pages that have a higher PR are considered more credible compared to a newly-established website. Essentially, PR can be divided into four broad classifications:

0-3: New websites and those only a few links

4-5: Relatively established websites with a decent number of inbound links

6: Popular websites with hundreds of quality links

7-10: Typically media websites (, A-list bloggers, and large companies.
Many believe that PR is computed on a logarithmic scale. That means that the difference between a PR of 4 and 5 is at least 5 times different from a PR of 3 and 4. What this means is that if you attain a PR of 6 and above, you are on the top 0.1% of all websites.

What This Means for a Video Sharing Website

A lot of people are currently using video syndication as a tool to promote their websites. Because of this, it is important for video sharing websites to attain a high PR in order to attract these marketers. Video syndication can be compared with article marketing. Rather than submitting articles though, you are submitting videos. If you have tried article marketing at its peak, you have seen how effective the tactic was. Video syndication is the next big thing and it has the ability to reach a large number of highly targeted audiences. If a video sharing site attains a higher Page Rank, the benefits from it will likewise increase.

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