The Need to Implement a Combined Video SEO and SEO Strategy

Video SEO is the way of the future. Compared to regular text files, videos are 53 times likelier to appear on the first page of Google provided that it is correctly submitted and contains description, keywords, and the appropriate title. It is clear that a lot of companies are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Very few are submitting videos on and similar sites under the misconception that this would not generate benefits. It would.

In fact, Google is pushing videos to the very top of the search engine results page (SERO). This is a virtual goldmine for marketers who take advantage of this system early. Results usually appear within days. There is one crucial ingredient in Video SEO though: submission rights because Google can’t find video on its own.

The Excessive Advantages of Video SEO

In itself, Video SEO isn’t that different from traditional optimisation techniques but it stands out because of two distinctive reasons. One is that major search engines are working to display a mix of content into the search results. Because of this, you can expect higher ranking for videos compared to other forms of content. The second advantage of using video SEO is the undeniable dearth of videos today. And not all videos available are submitted property with SEO in mind.

Submitting it Right

Major search engines allow website owners to submit their content through XML feed. But different search engines follow varying guidelines. If you want to rank highly on all the major search engines, it might be necessary to contact individual search engines because their guidelines are not always available and may also be outdated. The XML feed gives the title of the video disproportionate importance so it is important to craft a compelling and keyword-rich title.

Some people submit only the videos while others submit only the page where the videos are located. It is crucial to do both. Sites should provide the permanent sitemap and the permalink pages should contain all the words found on the video title to get the best results.


Video SEO can yield a lot of benefits for website owners. Use this as part of your marketing arsenal and you can see the results within days. Once your videos are ranked for the targeted keywords, it can stay on top for a long time, giving your business an unfair advantage over the competitors.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!