The Role of Social Media Marketing during the COVID-19 Crisis

Due to the severity and the urgency that COVID-19 has brought upon the world the shape of the digital ecosystem has changed, with social media playing an important role in the spread of information and communication between organizations/businesses and the public along with other Digital Marketing Services as well.

social media marketing

During no time has the role of social media been more valued than now. With shops and services closed many people feel left in the dark. The spread of information needs to continue and done so in an affordable manner for these struggling businesses who have been forced to shut their doors due to the virus. Social Media Marketing helps spread information to stakeholders on a mass scale at affordable prices. The manner in which a company handles this drastic situation will speak volumes about their integrity and their future as a business. Frequent posts need to be made on social media platforms to ensure relevancy and update concerned customers, you cannot leave your customers in the dark.

Not everything about social media during a crisis is positive. There is always the threat of false information, spam, and offensive content which can cause confusion and sometimes panic. It’s important for a business to check their sources, not just during this time but all the time so that they are not contributing to the spreading of ‘fake news’. Ensuring that the correct news is being presented by your social media page will leave customers with a feeling of reliability when it comes to the perception of your business. This is important and presents a great opportunity for any business during this time.

So don’t shy away during these difficult times. Be one of the businesses that stand out to your customers and remain relevant through frequent activity and management of social media marketing. You can avail of all social media marketing services at Rotapix Interactive Media. Call us on 1300 799 616 for more details.

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