The SEO In House or Outsource, they Key to a Solution?

Every company that’s interested in promoting their business online will ultimately need to face this decision: should you hire an In-House SEO staff or outsource the work? To arrive at a satisfactory conclusion, it is important to conduct a cost/benefit analysis. Compare the amount you need to spend on the service on the value these initiatives will deliver.
Price is definitely a crucial factor in making the decision but it shouldn’t be the only one. There are pros and cons of each option. Below is a comparison between the two:

In-House SEO Staff
• Quick turnaround whenever necessary
• Intimate understanding of the company’s brand, products, and services
• Will avoid using unethical tactics to achieve results
• Concerned about the company’s bottom-line because their full-time job depends on your business

• Can be more expensive than outsourcing SEO because of the benefits package
• Very few individual SEO staff knows have analytics experience, copywriting skills, marketing strategy know-how, and conversion optimisation knowledge
• May leave your company to start their own practice once they develop the know-how

SEO Outsourcing Company
• Solid experience in the industry
• Typically composed of a “team” where each member specialises in a field (ie. link building, copywriting, etc)
• Wide range of tools are used for effective SEO
• Easy to cancel the contract

• May be handling too many projects; your needs are not prioritised
• No knowledge transfer, you depend on them for your optimisation needs indefinitely

Only you and the people who knows the circumstance of your company will know which option will suit your needs best. But it is interesting to know that an increasing number of small businesses are outsourcing SEO tasks because of the above-mentioned benefits.

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