Trends in Mobile SEO

Technology is continually evolving. Right now, mobile web is at the crucial stage of its development. No one can accurately predict which mobile applications will flop and which ones will be insanely popular. But what is certain in all these is that mobile search engine optimisation or mobile SEO will still play a critical part in establishing this technology. It might be a good idea to take mobile marketing slowly but surely this time. Users are still familiarizing themselves with their shiny new devices and only a few early adopters are actively using mobile applications. A wise mantra to adapt is to assume nothing when it comes to mobile applications and mobile SEO. Remember that the greatest inventions always seem simple in hindsight. Yet, no one had thought of producing it earlier.

The basic things you just need to think about include the following:

Mobile Users are Different

This concept is rather obvious but a lot of marketers still miss the point completely. When you think about mobile users, analyze their fundamental needs while on the go. First of all, the users are browsing the web using a small device. It is uncomfortable and as a result, they only use it when it is actually required. In addition, they might be searching for information while standing on a crowded train. Thus, their patience is shorter compared to desktop users.

Mobile SEO practitioners should keep that in mind in formulating their strategy. “Findability” is a crucial factor for them. Keyword should be highly targeted because otherwise, it will do more harm than good. Mobile web users won’t tolerate misleading headlines or time-wasters.

Mobile SEO Requirements are Different

Like mobile users, mobile SEO requirements are also not different. There are search engines that are specifically designed for mobile gadgets. Among mobile-specific engines are Google Mobile, Medio, Jumptap, and Taptu. Keywords are still important but the engine takes other factors into consideration. For example, device type, location, and content formatting are given bigger weight. Their main goal is to make the search results page relevant to the user.

For individuals who want to optimise their pages for mobile devices, the differences are both challenging and exciting. Getting the right formula now will influence success over the long term.

Mobile Web Activity is Different

There is a disproportionally high volume of location-based search activity. Page ranking is no longer as important in mobile SEO as the immediate location of the searcher. It was already mentioned that mobile web users are different. But the different is big enough that there should be an altogether different mobile SEO campaign designed specifically to suit their needs.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!