Understanding the correlation between online reputation management and digital asset optimisation

Online reputation management is a must for today’s dynamic businesses. It enables them to fight back against malicious attacks from competitors, disgruntled employees, and even unhappy customers. The process deals with negative feedback by answering customer complaints, resolving certain issues. In this article, we will talk more about displacing negative results on the search engines through DAO.

Online reputation management has a lot of aspects. Nowadays, digital asset optimisation (DAO) is called as SEO 2 because it integrates the concepts of SEO but takes it one step further. While SEO concentrates more on text content, DAO focuses more on optimising images, videos, broadcast, and other multimedia files. The process can be highly effective with the intelligent use of keywords.

Some of the key tactics in this initiative include tagging digital assets with appropriate keywords, adding descriptions into it, and basically its format friendly to the search engines. With regards to its correlation to online reputation management, the two complemented each other. It should be noted that while DAO is more of a proactive approach, ORM tends to deal with the problem once it happens.

There is a tendency for SEO professionals to use a DAO approach in handling reputation issues because it is highly effective, quick, and cost-effective. For example, implementing DAO will enable certain webpages to rank higher in the image results page and video results page segments.

The process of ORM doesn’t stop there. After dealing with the negative switch results pages, the next step is to monitor your reputation and track results. Remember that even combining ORM with DAO is essentially just “treating the symptoms” instead of “curing” the problem. This means that it is important to find out whether the complaints online have basis or not. Work towards resolving possible issues with your business model.

Aside from the benefits above, ORM has another feature. It can actually can help improve your product, service, and customer support by enabling you to understand the actual needs of your target market. On the other hand, if the attacks came from the competitor, the process enables you to discover how you can deal with it better in the future.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to gaining and preserving customer trust. Implementing a combination of DAO and ORM can result to better search engine rankings and overall better impression for your company.

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